Prior to installation

In Windows Features ensure .net framework 3.5 is added

install earth simulations scenery 001

Installer requires scenery.cfg, so copy to main p3dv3 folder from %programdata%

During installation, say no if asked to fix FSX registry entry

install earth simulations scenery 002


Installation can now be run as normal from DVDs

Error the specified path '' is unavailable, fill in the path to P3D installation folder

install earth simulations scenery 005

In case of issues / alternative methods

Copy all files from DVDs into one folder

Use 7-zip to extract into one folder

install earth simulations scenery 003

Run Isle_of_Man_Download.exe will create an Isle_of_Man_Download.esi (19GB) file.

Install the esi installer (if not already) installed.

Should have 5 esi files which can be used to install.

install earth simulations scenery 004

Right-click Isle_of_Man_Download.esi and select install to install the scenery.

Move scenery.cfg back to %programdata%.

Earth simulations software can be uninstalled from computer.  This doesn't uninstall the scenery.  Installer leaves backups of changed files.

Scenery.cfg additions

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-SFX
Title = ES-Sound-Effects-Library

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-3D
Title = ES-3D-Library

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Terrain
Title = ES-IOM-Terrain

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Photo
Title = ES-IOM-Photo

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-3D
Title = ES-IOM-3D

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-SFX
Title = ES-IOM-SFX

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-TFX
Title = ES-IOM-TFX

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-FX
Title = ES-IOM-FX

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Airports\ES-EGNS-Ronaldsway
Title = ES-EGNS-Ronaldsway

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Airports\ES-IOM-Helipads
Title = ES-IOM-Helipads

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Airports\ES-X9AN-Andreas
Title = ES-X9AN-Andreas

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Airports\ES-X9JU-Jurby
Title = ES-X9JU-Jurby

Required = FALSE
Active = TRUE
Local = D:\P3DScenery\ES-IOM-Airports\ES-X9MR-MountRule
Title = ES-X9MR-MountRule

TODO: Add list of changed files.